Artist Statement

Abstract Art is a universal language of symbols that allows me to communicate beyond the barriers of linguistics. I challenge myself to engage the viewers’ senses to awaken and encourage thoughtful interaction and mindfulness. My foundation is deeply rooted in the timeless classical ideals of beauty, proportion, passion and reason. I choose to synthesize these with current global concerns of climate change by using alternative energy technology to create sculptural restorative environments.

The Caryatids and the Oracle series are two bodies of my work based upon these guiding principles and have led me to explore multi-sensory Meditative Sound Fields. This new body of work combines all of these sensibilities within a sculptural, solar energy powered, restorative sound field which projects peace and encourages reflection. The sculptural environment uses solar powered motors to gently ring suspended Tibetan bowls when sensors detect visitors. Electrical outlets in the pavilion base are available for public use, powered by the solar batteries. The Meditative Sound Field becomes an environment intended to engage the viewer’s senses by inviting them to reflect, breathe, listen, and learn.