Beyond Barriers II – III The Pythian Oracle

The Re-Emergence of the Strong Feminine. This is the second part of my Beyond Barriers series. It consists of 7 new Sculptures constructed from re-used materials: cedar snow fence slats, Colorado sandstone, limestone, metal machinery, steel scrap, bronze and copper metal coatings. The 7 Sculptures are divided amongst three groups: The Caryatids, The Fates, and The Oracle.

We must go ‘Beyond Barriers’ when questions arise which can no longer be addressed within a current frame of reference. Literally and metaphorically, Beyond Barriers II is about the breaking down barriers that exist in our cultural belief systems. This is the first time that I have chosen to explore anima (feminine) on her own. My quest here is to find meaning in our present world where the race towards improved technology and cyberspace communication is shielding society from the nature flow of genuine interaction, human contact and emotion.

It is about the world’s desperate need for a Re-Emergence of the Strong Feminine (Anima) attributes within us all, in order to regain balance with the predominant masculine (Animus) characteristics that have become the anathema to present day survival (I.E. power, achievements, success, competition, etc).

In ancient Greece, the feminine principles of presence, compassion, intuition, wisdom, tolerance, (etc.) were respected and venerated. As such traits become increasingly scarce so is a world created where individuality is being lost at every level of society; there is little to no recognition of heart or soul.
(Wishing Well) The Oracle is a place, be it a physical one or a state of mind, that is unclouded by reason or judgment. It is a place where one goes to seek answers, to listen to ones soul, to wait for directive advice from within. Pythia, the goddess who presided over the Oracle, was a symbol of feminine intuition, inspiration, mystery and prophecy. She was highly regarded for her power to lure great heroes from far and wide with her authoritative and accurate visions.

I have chosen to create an oracle as a wishing well and fountain that hovers above a surface of water. Spilling from spouts marked with clear, environmental advice ‘Keep my Water Clean’, the water pools into a limestone well and cascades into a pond. The goddess Pythia presides over the oracle.