Beyond Barriers – I Beyond Barriers Greek

A kinetic sculpture in oak, plaster and marble.

We must go ‘Beyond Barriers’ when questions arise which can no longer be addressed within a current frame of reference. The breaking down of barriers has been continuous throughout history; 1990 has become a pivotal year for this concept.

Structures (walls, fences, etc.) that bar passage are weakened so that the crossing of paths and free interchange of ideas and movement are encouraged. An unestricted, unbouded space is the objective. ‘Beyond Barieres’ symbolizes a renaissance; a bonding of before and after, indoor and outdoor, the individual and society, creative activiy and intellectual inquiry, east and west, the terrestrial and the sublime.

In this project, I deny the indoor wall’s function. It is no longer a means of separation or support. The wall is withheld between two crosses (TAU) or four croses, including side views; it is also transversed by a bridge linking both sides of the wall. A break in the wall initiates the passage of light and the crossing path within which form (Continuity) olls freely from one side to another.